Privacy Policy

Privacy is one thing that nobody wants to risk it unless they have full faith in people they are dealing with.

Patch Bazaar understands the above statement well, and is very much committed in protecting individual personal data received through website, phone, email or any mode of communication. We assure you that information provided by you, is used ONLY for the reason it was shared for.
Following is the Q & A that will help clear your doubt.

Q-What Personal Details Do We Collect?
A-Name, Phone Number, Physical Contact Address, Email Address, IP Address, Credit Card, other personal details.

Q-Why to Give Personal Details?

  • To enter some parts of our website via filing online form.
  • To gain more access to our service when chatting on website or discussing on phone with our customer care.

Q-Is it Mandatory to Give Personal Details?
A-No, it is a matter of pure choice to give personal information. But, as already told that to use Patch Bazaar services, then personal details submission is necessary.

Q-How Patch Bazaar Uses Personal Information?

  • To respond quickly with results.
  • To exchange more information.
  • To process payment.
  • To send alerts and offers about our service.
  • To enhance user’s website experience.

Q-How Patch Bazaar Secures Personal Details?
A- We use strong measures to protect the identity and information of those providing us with their private data. We have SSL certification (regularly renewed) on our website that ensures nothing sensitive gets leaked out or attacked upon ever.

Q-Does Patch Bazaar Sells Personal Details?
A-No, never have we or our employees done such a selfish thing like selling or sharing the details of our visitors just for the sake of money.