Woven Patches

Patch Bazaar can fulfill your requirements of standard and custom woven patches at the best rates that are hard to find in the whole of India. It is true that we give good results. You just talk to our customer care and query with them as long as possible. Their answers will let you learn that we mean business. Post the satisfaction, we guarantee that you will hire us, allowing us to begin your work. In the meantime, as we complete the task, you can go through the information mentioned below that will further make you aware about our woven patch making ability.

Woven patches give us more freedom to design them. If the design has lesser details, then woven patches are the best.

In our woven process, we use thinner threads, so fine detail can be easily highlighted. The tight weaving process allows the details to appear in less space, also allowing the letters or scripts to appear with better clarity. The patches look flatter because the threads are woven together without a base fabric.

Overall, the stability will give our woven patches the superior illusion.

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